Times of Refreshing Ministries

Drs. Philip D. and Alberta Derber have an assignment from God to bring the revelation He gives them and release it to the Body of Christ. "Teach My people faith" was the mandate from heaven thirty years ago. Dr. Derber has not wavered from that commandment. Born again in the summer of 1988, they were delivered from a lifestyle of drug addiction and alcoholism. With an accent on God's Blessing, Prosperity system, he and his wife teach God's people to live in God's supernatural supply by faith. "I hate debt and what that debt system does to people!"

God gives His people a supernatural vision from Heaven concerning an end time revival awakening and harvest of souls. Yet the church has been turning to the world to finance their vision! Drs. Philip and Alberta Derber teach the Body of Christ how to forsake the world's debt system and discover God's Divine Destiny plan for their lives.

Times of Refreshing Ministries, Inc is Drs. Philip and Alberta Derber's traveling ministry. They also pastor Faith Victory Church of Frankfort, KY. (faithvictorychurch.us) Dr. Derber is the lead vocalist and song writer for the RVN Band. (rvnband.com) He is the founder and Apostle of the Commissioned Apostolic Network, C.A.N. (canministries.com)

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